7 . 9 . 2022

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Casual Shoes Styles

There are many casual shoe styles that can perfectly meet you halfway between a sunny day at the office during the summer and the more relaxed ambiance of a night out.

The casual shoe styles we have picked for you have two main characteristics: they can up your style, particularly during the summer and the beginning of autumn; and they boast an impressive versatility.

Not only that but these casual shoe styles are handcrafted with high-quality materials and constructed according to the finest methods by the hands of expert craftsmen and women.

If you have been looking for a new pair of quality casual shoe styles, then look no further. Read on and find out what Carlos Santos has in store for you.


What are Casual Shoe Styles?

Men's casual shoe styles come in many forms. In truth, almost any shoe style can be casually used, as long as it fits the setting and the overall outlook.

Therefore, casual shoe styles are those shoes more appropriate to the casual setting, first and foremost – would you be wearing them at the office? Will they be used for a stroll in the city, or will you be heading for a day at the beach?

Some casual shoe styles fit all these purposes, while others should be used with care.

Not only that, but the materials used to craft them should also be of note: should your casual shoe styles be made of leather or suede?

Since the warm sunny days can still be felt and winter is yet a long way off, our favorite casual shoe styles were crafted in suede.


Casual Shoe Styles in Suede

Casual shoe styles in suede make use of the best suede features. Suede is resistant and long-lasting. It is soft, offering a smooth appearance, and an elegant shape.

This means the investment made in every casual shoe style in suede will not only look good but will also last you a long time.

In short: suede is the perfect choice for the summer season and the beginning of autumn. This year and the next. But to wear these casual shoes in style, a choice needs to be made: what style, exactly, should you go for?

At Carlos Santos Shoes, you can choose from a wide array of casual shoe styles in suede. But three are worth mentioning: the loafers, the lace-ups, and the sneakers.

Casual Loafers

Loafers can be easily put on and off. They have no laces, which is perfect for a day at the beach. However, they are versatile enough to be used almost everywhere you might want to go.

Suede loafers belonging to the casual shoe style section should be flexible enough to be used alongside a pair of light blue navy shorts and a white shirt, or with a plain pair of light brown pants and a beige shirt – only two of the many possibilities these can offer.


Casual Lace-ups

Casual lace-ups are the most versatile of choices when it comes to casual shoe styles, particularly within the office environment of the XXI century, or the smart-casual attires. 

If you are having doubts concerning which of these casual shoe styles you should begin with, then this is the safest investment. Casual lace-ups can be used on every occasion, with the natural exception of the most formal ones.

But the truth is casual lace-ups can also be very eccentric and out-of-the-box.

If you are feeling bold, just imagine a green pair of suede lace-ups, combined with light brown pants and a stylish patterned shirt.


Casual Sneaker

Relaxation and sophistication do not need to be worlds apart, as our casual sneaker can prove.

Casual sneakers are also the most casual choice. But they are probably the most comfortable ones as well. When it comes to casual shoe styles, they are perfect for the weekend or a few days off somewhere in the world.

During the summer, casual sneakers will look particularly great when paired with shorts.


Casual Shoe Styles by Carlos Santos

As you can see, there are many casual shoe styles available at Carlos Santos Shoes. No matter the casual style of shoes you prefer, you can always be certain they are handcrafted according to traditional methods and with premium materials.
Just take a look at our online store and choose the ones that best fit your needs.