6 . 4 . 2023

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The Best Shoes for Men to Celebrate Easter

Do you already know which are the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter? The holiday is right around the corner and so are the traditional Easter celebrations and gatherings. 

Easter is among the most important religious holidays associated with Christianity. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion. This holiday is celebrated worldwide with different festivities, including special church services, family gatherings, and even egg painting and hunting with the children.

Whichever celebration you choose this year, whether you attend church or have a family lunch, check below our suggestions for the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter in style.


How to Choose the Best Easter Shoes for Men?

Choosing the perfect shoes on any regular day to match your style is already an important task, so it’s no surprise that choosing the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter might come as a challenge.

To choose the best Easter shoes for men this year, there are a few things you need to consider, such as the weather, your plans for the holiday, and finally your outfit. Carlos Santos Shoes wants you to impress on this holiday with the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter. Check our men’s Easter fashion tips below! 


Casual Shoes for Men

The best shoes for men to celebrate Easter in the most comfortable way are casual shoes for men. Our casual footwear is practical yet tasteful so you look and feel your best.

If your holiday plans include egg hunts and running around with little ones outside, consider our more practical options, like sneakers, boots, and lace-ups.


Sneakers for Men

Do you and your family live for the Sunday strolls?

If your plans for this Easter are to enjoy the weather and go for a walk or play in the park with the kids or grandkids, then our sneakers for men will be a perfect choice. 

Joining comfort with style has never been easier. You can run, jump, and play restfully while looking your best on this holiday. You can wear our sneakers with your comfortable jeans, a light-colored sweater, and a denim jacket and you are good to go! 

Sneakers are one of the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter in a relaxed and practical way without sacrificing your own personal style.


Boots for Men

Spring is such a beautiful season: flowers blooming, birds chirping, and longer days! However, the weather can easily change from a sunny summery day to a windy winter afternoon in a second.

Our boots for men are the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter, offering a warmer option if the day is chilly, but the same comfort so you can still play with your family outside. Pair any of our boots with your favorite jeans, a knitted sweater, and a long coat and you’ll feel warm and stylish for your outing.


Lace-Ups for Men

Lace-Up Shoes for Men come in a variety of designs, so it won’t be too difficult to find the perfect outfit to complement them. 

If your plan to celebrate Easter this year includes gathering the whole family and hosting a traditional – or not-so-traditional – lunch, you’ll want to look your best while still feeling at home. 

Whether you are feeling more informal - wearing dark-wash jeans and a knitted sweater -, or more formal - choosing chinos and a light-colored blazer - any of our Lace-Ups will surely spice up your look. Any of our Lace-Ups are definitely one of the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter this year!

Formal Shoes for Men

If you plan to attend a special service at your church this Sunday, casual shoes might not be the right fit. Formal shoes for men will win first prize in transforming your outfit into a classy, sophisticated look.

With Carlos Santos Shoes you can choose from a variety of formal footwear, such as One-Cuts, Loafers, and even Monk Straps to look your best in your own shoes this Easter.


One-Cut for Men

One-Cut shoes for men are a type of Lace-Up Shoes that are handcrafted from one single piece of leather and finished with laces. 

These types of shoes make the perfect Easter shoes if you are planning to attend a more formal event, like a fundraiser or a company event. These simple and classic shoes pair up perfectly with a slim-fit suit, either two-piece or three-piece. This outfit will surely radiate elegance into your festivities.


Tassel Loafers for Men

Tassel Loafers for Men are a type of laceless slip-on loafers with decorative tassels adorning the shoe. The modern loafers are perfect for warmer days.

If your Easter shoes should be lightweight and comfortable, consider the Tassel Loafers, paired up with a button-up shirt and ankle-length chinos. This semi-formal look is perfect for a holiday lunch with family or friends, or even for an office celebration. 


Double-Buckle Shoes for Men

Double-Buckle shoes have a unique style, clean yet detailed. Double-Buckles are a type of Monk Strap shoe that is easily recognized by the two buckles that strap the shoe to the foot.

This modern footwear can be used in both formal and semi-formal events, depending on the look you are going for. These would be one of our fireproof selections for the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter.

Do your plans include a casual dinner celebration at home? Pair the Double-Buckles with dress trousers in a light color like beige with a denim or dark-colored button-up shirt.

Will you be attending a formal dinner party? Consider a two-piece slim suit and a patterned tie. The Double-Buckles and tie will scream party while still maintaining your formal look.


Stylish Shoes for Men

Whether formal or casual, style is a must. If your style is extravagant, distinctive, and original, check out our selection of shoes for all occasions. Choose your favorite shoes for Easter: the classic Penny Loafers, the timeless Chelsea Boots, or even the comfortable Leather Sneakers


Penny Loafers for Men

Penny Loafers are a type of loafer that is a classic in men’s footwear. It has been created more than 100 years ago and is still used today as a fashionable and versatile shoe.

You can rarely go wrong with a Penny Loafer: if you’re dressing more casually, this loafer will class up your look; if you’re dressing formally, this shoe will showcase a fresher look.

This Easter, if you’re looking for a stylish outfit, make sure to include a Penny Loafer in your plans.


Chelsea Boots for Men

Cold or rainy day? Do not worry, the Chelsea Boots for men are here to save the holiday! 

Chelsea Boots are beautifully crafted ankle-high boots made from leather or suede for colder occasions. If your Easter shoes need to endure not-so-pleasant weather, consider using a pair of Chelsea Boots.

You can style your boots with slim-fit dark jeans, a light-colored half zip-up sweater, and a shawl collar cardigan for an informal stylish look. 

If you’d like a business casual but still fashionable outfit, try complementing the Chelsea boots with slim chinos and a roll-neck sweater, finishing up with a patterned overcoat. 


Leather Sneakers for Men

Leather Sneakers for men are a classy solution to dress casually yet with style. If your perfect shoes for Easter spell out comfort, then search no more!

To match these amazing shoes, choose an outfit that makes you feel just as cozy. All you need is a leather jacket in a close shade or color as the shoes, and virtually anything else you wear will look and feel great!


The Perfect Match for Easter

Carlos Santos Shoes created the Perfect Match collection to help you complete any outfit with the perfect match between a beautifully handcrafted pair of shoes and a silver-buckle belt in the same color.

You can choose from different types of shoes, such as Chelsea Boots, Double-Buckles, and Lace-Ups, each in six beautiful colors, and the belt that matches them. 

Instead of only the best shoes for men to celebrate Easter, pick the perfect match!