19 . 7 . 2023

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The Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

Summer is a great time to update your footwear collection, and lace-up shoes for summer are always an excellent and versatile option for men. 

Whether you're attending a casual outdoor event or simply heading to the office, lace-up shoes for summer can offer you the style and functionality you need to make an impression throughout those hot days.

So explore the best lace-up shoes for summer with us as we discuss our top picks, their benefits, and important features to consider, as well as how to style them. 


What are the Benefits of the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer?

When it comes to summer footwear, it’s only natural to state these have been a staple in men's fashion for decades. 

The best lace-up shoes for summer offer you several advantages and many benefits that make them a popular choice among men, particularly considering their classic look and ability to complement a great number of outfits. 


Breathability of the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

One of the key benefits of the best lace-up shoes for summer is their breathability level. 

Lace-up shoes for men provide you with better ventilation which, in turn, allows your feet to better breathe wherever you go. 

On those hot summer days, when the temperature rises and heat records are broken, ventilation becomes even more important, as the best lace-up shoes for summer help prevent your feet from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.


Versatility of the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

The best lace-up shoes for summer are also incredibly versatile. This makes them an exceptionally suitable choice for both casual and formal occasions.  

From the more relaxed days at the beach to more sophisticated dinner gatherings, the best lace-up shoes for summer are sure to help you effortlessly elevate your style.

They can be paired with jeans, chinos, or even dress pants, providing endless possibilities for creating stylish summer outfits.


Style and Designs of the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

When it comes to the style and design of the best lace-up shoes for summer, Carlos Santos Shoes offer you a wide range of possibilities.

From the more classic design shoes to more contemporary options, you’re sure to find a pair of luxury lace-up shoes for men that match your own personal taste and fashion preferences.

All our shoes for men are handmade according to the best-existing construction methods and are available in several different colors and materials, allowing you to be able to express your individuality through your footwear.


Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

When choosing the best lace-up shoes for summer for men, there are a few features you should consider before making a purchase. However, the most important features you should consider are those of the material with which the shoes were handcrafted, as well as the comfort they provide.

For materials, we recommend lace-up shoes handcrafted in leather or suede. Leather shoes are renowned for their timeless appeal and their ability to withstand any fashion trend, therefore contributing to their versatility.

Additionally, high-quality leather offers you more durability but, more than that, it also tends to mold to your feet the longer you wear your leather shoes. In time, this will give you a more personalized fit, which also adds to the comfort level of the shoes.

But to ensure the best lace-up shoes for summer remain comfortable, you should complement leather with high-end cushioning insoles and good arch support.

Summer often invites you to longer walks and strolls, so when it comes to making sure you’re ready to enjoy your summer activities in style, this is a feature you always should consider.

The Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer by Carlos Santos Shoes

At Carlos Santos Shoes you can find a wide range of handcrafted luxury shoes that are sure to meet your personal taste.

However, the best lace-up shoes for summer are those that congregate the benefits and the features we have shared with you above. That being said, the best lace-up shoes for summer by Carlos Santos Shoes you should consider are our handcrafted brogue shoes, derby, and cap-toe shoes.


Cap-toe Shoes for Summer

Cap-toe shoes for summer are classic and sophisticated enough for any occasion, particularly our Tyler and Seth models.

Cap-toe shoes for men by Carlos Santos offer you a polished appearance and a sleek design that can effortlessly take you from a casual lunch to an afternoon business meeting. 

Their charm is timeless, and their versatility makes them an excellent choice for your next pair of summer shoes.


Derby Shoes for Summer

Known for their open lacing system, derby shoes by Carlos Santos Shoes like Michael and Christian offer you a more relaxed and casual look. 

When you want to maintain a stylish appearance and remain comfortable throughout the day, these are your perfect choice.


Brogue Shoes for Summer

Brogue shoes such as our Frank or Eric are an excellent choice to add a hint of sophistication to your summer, helping you exude charm and elegance.


How to Style the Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer

Given the versatility of most of our best lace-up shoes for summer, styling can always be a fun and creative process. 

The rule of thumb is always to experiment with different combinations and find the style that best fits your taste and personality.

Nevertheless, we know there are a few common questions regarding how to style the best lace-up shoes for summer. Can you wear them with shorts? Can you style them without socks? And are they suitable for outdoor activities or formal occasions?

First, yes – the best lace-up shoes for summer can be paired with shorts, as long as you opt for low-cut designs such as the derby shoes that allow you to create a more casual and relaxed style.

Speaking of derby shoes, you can also wear them with rolled-up chinos and a casual button-down shirt for an even more stylish ensemble.

Going sockless can be an option (remember the goal is to find your style) but even so, we recommend you consider wearing no-show or invisible socks to help prevent sweating and discomfort, as well as maintain hygiene.

When going to a more formal gathering, we suggest you adopt a smart-casual look, combining brogue shoes with cuffed jeans and a lightweight blazer for that perfect summertime evening.

But if this smart-casual attire is not formal enough, then opt for a pair of leather cap-toe shoes for men, paired with tailored trousers and a crisp linen shirt for a more sophisticated summer look.

ast but not least, the best lace-up shoes for summer can also be suitable for most outdoor activities, as long as you make sure to choose a pair of shoes for men handcrafted and quality leather and with enough traction on the soles to provide you with the required stability.


The Best Lace-up Shoes for Summer Online

At Carlos Santos Shoes online store, you can find the best lace-up shoes for summer online. When it comes to summer footwear, the fact of the matter is that lace-up shoes offer you the perfect combination of comfort, style, and versatility.

All our shoes for men are handcrafted in high-quality leather and design with a timeless appeal and the ability to enhance any outfit you choose during the summer.

To make sure you keep them in the best condition possible, we also recommend you clean them regularly with our shoe care kit.